Mission Monday: Living Archaeology Weekend

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July 8, 2019 all-day America/New York Timezone
Blue Stallion Brewing Co.
610 W 3rd St, Lexington, KY 40508

Non-Profit: Living Archaeology Weekend

Our event, Living Archaeology Weekend, is reaching out to new friends as we seek support for our 2018 event. LAW has always been free to students and teachers and free to the public. September 21-22, 2018 marks our 30th anniversary. In our endeavor to keep LAW a free event, we are reaching out to you for your support.

You-all may not have heard of us, but our volunteers and demonstrators CERTAINLY have heard of you – Blue Stallion beer has been part of our Friday evening pizza party!

Living Archaeology Weekend (LAW) is a public outreach event held each September in the Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky (www.livingarchaeologyweekend.org). A one-of-a kind event in this under-served region, LAW uses the area’s rich archaeological heritage as the access point for sharing with students and the general public the fascinating story of the area’s long human history.

Experts deliver a wide range of educational demonstrations, such as flint knapping, pottery making, and spear throwing, as well as blacksmithing, spinning, and weaving. In its 29 years, LAW has educated tens of thousands of students and visitors about American Indian and pioneer technology and lifeways, archaeological interpretation, and site preservation.

With increasing pressure on state and federal budgets, contributions have been reduced or have disappeared altogether. Without further assistance, we are in real danger of being unable to offer this educational experience.

100% of cash contributions directly support the LAW event. We also accept in-kind support of materials, volunteers, or any publicity your organization/business can generate. LAW sponsors are recognized on our web site, social media, and printed materials.

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