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Blue Stallion Beer Now Available in Kegs at the Taproom

You can now order kegs directly from our production brewery and taproom! We used to get requests all the time on how customers can order a keg of one of our beers for a backyard party or other get together. The process of having them contact a retailer and make a special order (some times taking weeks, if they even had that particular beer) was cumbersome and took forever. Thanks to a change in Kentucky law, we can now sell Blue Stallion kegs directly to customers.

Keg Filling

We’ll fill one of our 1/6 BBL recyclable kegs once we have confirmed payment for your order*. All recyclable kegs come with a Sankey Type D coupler (U.S.). A recyclable keg means no $40 deposit and no return trip to the brewery.

Keg Size: 1/6 BBL or 5.16 gallons – Approximately 48 beer pours in 16 oz cups

Beer Availability

Some seasonal and specialty beers may not be available in a keg. Depending on inventory, we can usually process your order over the phone and have the keg filled within two business days after payment is received.

Keg Prices

Barrel-Aged/Specialty/Sour Beers
Gännuhn, Velvet Lurker, Patch Kids, Sethiröff, etc.
Seasonal Beers
Smoked Lager, Sweet Fudgin’ Milk Stout, War Admiral Weizenbock, Oktoberfest, etc.
Flagship Beers
Dunkel, Helles, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Ya Damn Skippy, etc.

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