Announcement: Our First Bottle Releases!

Special Limited Bottle Release – Boss Battle Series

We’re excited to announce the release of our first bottled beers at Blue Stallion Brewing, a special limited release of barrel-aged beers we’re calling the Boss Battle Series! The beer names were inspired by some of our favorite old school video game bad guys from growing up.

Here’s a list of the four bottle beers we’ll be releasing in 22 oz. bombers:

  1. Gännuhn – Doppelbock aged in bourbon barrels for a year, 11.5% ABV
  2. Müther Bräin – Old Ale aged in PVW bourbon barrels for a year, 10.5% ABV
  3. Bäuwzer – Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels, 10.2% ABV
  4. Tysün – Märzen-style lager aged in bourbon barrels, 8.0% ABV

The event will take place during Lexington Craft Beer Week on Friday, May 20th at noon. We’ll set up the bottle sale at the back of the brewery through our rear garage door.  Gännuhn and Müther Bräin will be $15 per bottle with Bäuwzer and Tysün costing $13.50 per bottle. There will be a dedicated table just for the bottle sale to keep wait times to a minimum. We have a very limited number of each beer available, so we have to limit each person to 2 bottles of each beer style.

For those looking for the tap experience, the draft release of Gännuhn and Müther Bräin is Saturday, May 21st. Be sure to check out all our other Lexington Craft Beer Week events!

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