Meet the Team: Katelyn

Meet the Blue Stallion Team

Welcome to the latest edition of Meet the Blue Stallion Team. Whether they’re pouring beers for you behind the bar, brewing test batches, or cleaning fermenters, we’re proud of the team we have. This blog post series will help you get to know the people that make Blue Stallion possible. Expect a new post every month or two. We ask everyone to fill out this goofy questionnaire so they can have a little fun with it.

Fourth in our Meet the Team series, this post lets you get to know Katelyn. She’s been a bartender for us since June of 2015. She’s got a bubbly personality and has a way of making anyone excited to try one of our new beers.

Katelyn - Meet the Blue Stallion Team





Sarasota, Florida

Years in Lexington:

Five, so far.

How long have you worked at Blue Stallion Brewing?

I’ve been loving every minute of it since June of 2015!

What’s your favorite Blue Stallion beer and why?

The Scottish 70 Shilling! This beer is light enough to drink all day, while its soft notes of malt and caramel offer a beautiful, subtle complexity which keeps me coming back for more.

What’s your favorite non-Blue Stallion beer and why?

Choosing one beer is impossible, so here are two for your reading pleasure: For warmer weather, I really love Brasserie Saison Dupont, which is light and refreshing with a nice amount of funk (always go for the funk). In colder months, Stone’s Xocoveza is my go-to, and I always stock up on bottles to store. This Mexican hot chocolate beer is even better because, well, it’s beer.

What’s your favorite food?

Duck confit mac-n-cheese. Get on this level.

What’s your favorite band?

The answer to this question is ever changing, but, at the moment, I’m really into Ohio Players.

What’s your favorite Lexington non-profit and why?

One of my favorites is NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness. NAMI offers support to people who are not only suffering from their own disease, but also to their family members and friends. So often people with mental illness are outcast, ignored, and abandoned, mostly because of an ignorance to this particularly devastating type of disease and the hardships which mental illness brings, and this organization helps people to find steady housing, employment, and support.

What’s your favorite Saturday morning cartoon from growing up and why?

X-Men, during elementary school I even colored the front of my hair so that I could look more like Rogue because I was a third-grade badass. This particular cartoon brings a lot of nostalgia and reminds me of hanging out with my older brother, who was awesome enough to let me tag along to everything he did while we were growing up.

When you’re not pouring beers, what do you like to do?

Being around my dogs is my favorite past-time, but I also really like to sew, ride my bike, and spend time in my kitchen. I would consider my fiancé a pretty good hobby, too.

Who rocks the lederhosen the best during Oktoberfest?

Whichever owner is down for giving me a bonus. Victor. Hands down, that man can rock anything, but he looks particularly suave in his German attire.

What ridiculous conspiracy theory do you think will actually turn out to be true?

That the Denver airport is a portal to Hell. Any airport, really: flying is great, but airports suck.

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