September 2015 Local Artist of the Month

  • Margie Miller Rigney

Blue Stallion Brewing is proud to feature Margie Miller Rigney as our Local Artist of the Month for September 2015. Margie is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and currently resides in Scott County with her husband and family. She is the owner of “High South Art House” – a working studio and fine art gallery in historic Georgetown, Kentucky. Her work includes, but is not limited to: Equine studies, Portraits, Landscapes, charcoal studies, abstracts, livestock, and wildlife work.

From the Artist:

I created this acrylic on canvas series specifically for Blue Stallion Brewing for the “Local ARyist of the Month” spotlight. When I found out that my work was going to be here, I immediately began thinking about color in Sepia.

There is something extremely authentic about beer and the art of brewing.

Beer is something that feels like home to most of us.
It has a history with us;
it’s a comfort as well as a luxury.
It’s timeless.
When fads have come and gone, beer has sustained it’s position.
It is steadfast and true.
It’s like that old friend that knows you, even after years have passed.

I want to honor the tradition of local brewing through subject matter that felt Genuine, Real and a part of our past. So I decided to paint a “Prohibition/Repeal Day” themed series and it was a great experience.

Sepia appears as brown and white, but if you look closely you can find blues, dark purples, creams, yellows and hints of orange in this unique color mix.

I hope you enjoy viewing ot as much as I did creating it. Cheers!

~Margie Miller Rigney

You can reach Margie Miller Rigney on her Facebook page or via email at

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