Meet the Team: Victor

Meet the Blue Stallion Team

Welcome to the latest edition of Meet the Blue Stallion Team. Whether they’re pouring beers for you behind the bar, brewing test batches, or cleaning fermenters, we’re proud of the team we have. This blog post series will help you get to know the people that make Blue Stallion possible. Expect a new post every few weeks. We ask everyone to fill out this goofy questionnaire so they can have a little fun with it.

Third in our Meet the Team series, this post introduces you to Victor. He’s been a bartender for us since we opened in July of 2013. A homebrewer for quite some time, Victor has contributed to many brews for Test Batch Tuesday. If you’ve spent any time at the bar, you’ve probably already had conversations about brewing and his favorite beer styles.





Houston, TX

Years in Lexington:

9 years this August

How long have you worked at Blue Stallion Brewing?

Since we opened two years ago

What’s your favorite Blue Stallion beer and why?

Tough call!  I’m a beer omnivore but if I had to take one BSB beer into space to sustain me while escaping alien, body snatching pods that will make us all into Dick Cheney … Oh, sorry.  I started to answer question 13.  Favorite Blue Stallion beer is last fall’s Oktoberfest.  It was the best example of this style I have ever tasted, including German imports. The Oktoberfest I always wanted to brew.

What’s your favorite non-Blue Stallion beer and why?

Once again, a difficult choice.  Probably draft Fuller’s ESB fresh off the boat from England.  I used to get this at a little British pub in Dania Beach, FL.  Marvelous biscuit and crystal malt notes, with fruity esters in the background.  Nice East Kent Golding hop character also.

What’s your favorite food?

Vietnamese spring rolls with spicy hoisin peanut sauce.

What’s your favorite band?

I’m basically a blues man but I like a lot of different styles. I like bands that can do a little of everything so I would have to say Gov’t Mule.

What’s your favorite Lexington non-profit and why?

My favorite nonprofit is Surgery on Sunday.  It as group of volunteer medical professionals who donate time and expertise to provide free outpatient surgery to the working class poor.  The lack of access to health care is one of the major problems affecting the working poor.

What’s your favorite Saturday morning cartoon from growing up and why?

I grew up during the tail end of the Golden Age of animation in the 1960’s and have always loved Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. I really enjoyed the way juvenile and adult humor was combined in these cartoons as well as the sheer wackiness of the animators known collectively as “Termite Terrace”.  I was also a big fan of Jonny Quest.

When you’re not pouring beers, what do you like to do?

Brew beer of course! I also like to camp, hike, fish and to go sailing and kayaking when I have the opportunity.

Who rocks the lederhosen the best during Oktoberfest?

I think that Sian, Anna, Lillian and Carl rocked their dirndls much better than the guys in their lederhosen.

What ridiculous conspiracy theory do you think will actually turn out to be true?

I wouldn’t call it ridiculous but GMO’s in agriculture are already causing problems in the areas of antibiotic resistance in humans and with altered DNA escaping into the wild.

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