Meet the Team: Anna

Meet the Blue Stallion Team

Welcome to the second edition of Meet the Blue Stallion Team. Whether they’re pouring beers for you behind the bar, brewing test batches, or cleaning fermenters, we’re proud of the team we have. This blog post series will help you get to know the people that make Blue Stallion possible. Expect a new post every few weeks. We ask everyone to fill out this goofy questionnaire so they can have a little fun with it.

This month’s post gives you some background on Anna. She’s been a bartender for us since we opened in July of 2013. An artist at heart, she’s been gracious with her talents on several occasions. Most notably, the Blue Stallion corn-hole boards as well as a custom kegerator we auctioned off for charity.

Anna - Blue Stallion Brewing




Brasstown, NC

Years in Lexington:

Five years, give or take.

How long have you worked at Blue Stallion Brewing?

Since we opened!

What’s your favorite Blue Stallion beer and why?

The Bourbon Barrel Aged Doppelbock.  Even though it is the season for lighter beers, I am loving this dark strong concoction.  It is robust and complicated but has the perfect finish with just enough bourbon energy.

What’s your favorite non-Blue Stallion beer and why?

Wyder’s Cider Reposado Pear Barrel Aged series.  This has to be my new jam.  I love a good cider in the summertime, but the hint of tequila through their barrel aging is the icing on the cake.  For a hot summer day you can’t lose with any of these brews.

What’s your favorite food?

Anything my boyfriend Tyler decides to cook for me.

What’s your favorite band?

Die Antwoord and Tegan and Sara.

What’s your favorite Lexington non-profit and why?

The Bluegrass Rape and Crisis Center.  This non-profit helps sexual assault victims.  They are a leading force in education on sexual assault and ending sexual violence through knowledge in Kentucky.  I am proud to support them.

What’s your favorite Saturday morning cartoon from growing up and why?

I don’t know if this qualifies but The Magic School Bus.

When you’re not pouring beers, what do you like to do?

When I am not pouring beers I like to paint, scrapbook and hang out with my boyfriend Tyler and our cat Mary Samsonite.

Who rocks the lederhosen the best during Oktoberfest?

Kore obviously rocks them the hardest. Although Zac’s feather hat rocking is a close second.

What ridiculous conspiracy theory do you think will actually turn out to be true?

The moon is made of barbecue spare ribs.

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