Brewery Build Out Progress – January 2013

Blue Stallion Brewing System

We’ve made a lot of progress at the brewery since December. A month and a half ago our biggest concern was when our plumbing permit would get approved so we could get the floor resurfaced. Fast forward to 2013 and 610 W. Third St is beginning to look like an honest to goodness brewery.

Standing Up Brewing Vessels

Since the floors were resurfaced and sealed with epoxy, one of the most exciting things we did was stand up all of the uni-tanks, brite beer tanks, and the brewing vessels of our 15 barrel brewing system. It was a laborious process that required some extra hands on deck in addition to some precarious feats of engineering. A couple chain hoists, 30 feet of chain, a dozen quick links and shackles, and two days later we had all 14 vessels off their pallets and upright.

Luckily we captured a lot of it on video. Below you’ll see over 6 hours of footage compressed down to just 3 1/2 minutes. If you watch the whole video you can spot where we ran into trouble a couple times.


More Progress Highlights:

  • Finished framing walls for the bar, mill room, laboratory, office and bathrooms
  • Received shipment of 6,000 lbs of grain and 500 lbs of hops
  • Cooler and keg washer are en route
  • Pulled cable to run HDMI signal to flat panel TVs in bar and lounge area

Photo Gallery

(From L-R: Xavier, Zac, Nico, Jim & Kore)
The Blue Stallion Brewing partners thought it would be a good idea to stand under an 1,800 lb tank in mid air

Check out more photos of what’s been going on the past few months.

Still to Come:

We still have plenty to do to brew our first batch, including: electric, gas, and water hookups for the brewhouse, getting state and federal licensing, as well as finishing the glycol cooling system for the uni-tanks and brite tanks. We will give a progress report as we get closer to our inaugural batch.

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Check out this time lapse video of unloading the tanks from the delivery trucks.

  1. Laura Reply
    That video is awesome! Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see more!
  2. Xavier Reply
    Thanks, Laura! We'll keep the updates coming...
  3. Momma T Reply
    This is a great video. Can't wait til you get to open that beautiful place!!!
  4. Chuck Reply
    Great Job Guys! Everything looks awesome. That is so great that you are following your dream. I'm sure that you will be a raging success. Good Luck!
  5. Xavier Reply
    Momma T and Chuck - Thank you for the compliments!
  6. Blaire Reply
    SO excited for you all. This has been a long process, but obviously one out of love for what you are doing. It's so great to see people following their dream and making it happen. I can't wait to see (And taste) the finished product!
  7. Clint Reply
    That video is great. Who could've known all those years ago at the first Donnelly St. Patrick's Day party, when all of us friends were telling you guys "You all need to sell this stuff!" that it one day would come to fruition? Congrats to all of you, and I wish you many years of success.
  8. Nathan Reply
    I second Clint's comment on the St. Patrick's Day parties. I am a now a homebrewer myself and Kore & Pat were the first to show me how it can be done exceedingly well. The brewery is conveniently located to my brother's house so I will look forward to my visits to Lexington even more!
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