Blue Stallion & Ethereal Collab Beer – Equuleus Old Ale


Equuleus Old Ale – Collaboration Brew for Lexington Craft Beer Week

Lexington’s two newest breweries, Blue Stallion and Ethereal, are teaming up for a collaboration brew for Lexington Craft Beer Week called “Equuleus”, an Old Ale. Equuleus, Latin for “little horse”, is a constellation in the northern hemisphere said to represent Celeris, Pegasus’ brother. The name is a great melding for Blue Stallion and Ethereal, referring both to the horse and the heavens.

Old Ale falls into the “Strong Ale” category and the malty goodness is going to shine with this one. With Ethereal’s help we even made up a batch of dark candi syrup just for this brew.

Equuleus will be on tap Wednesday May 13th in the Blue Stallion taproom. We’ll also have limited edition pint glasses on sale for $2 with the beer and $3 by themselves.

It’s also Wednesday Night Live, so we’ll have music from The Swells starting at 8pm. Lyles BBQ will be here at 5pm with their delicious smoked meet dishes.

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