Plumbing Work Gets Approved and Other Updates

It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the green sticker you see in the photo at left is cause for celebration here at Blue Stallion Brewing Company. When we first started planning and roughing out the necessary plumbing fixtures for the brewery, the anticipated timeline was a couple weeks to cut trenches, lay pipe and pour concrete.

Turns out when you’re adding as many new fixtures as we are, the steps for approval aren’t so simple. The approval process for the work we were having done is 6 weeks. That’s a lot of hurry up and wait time.

Basically, that meant we couldn’t start any of the cool phases of the build out until the permit application was approved and the plumbing work inspected. By “cool phases”, I’m referring to:

  • Resurfacing and sealing the entire floor of the brewery
  • Standing up the tanks and moving them to their final positions
  • Building the bar and cooler
  • Everything else…

While we got a decent amount of work done in the past 6 weeks, we anticipated having a lot more complete by the end of the calendar year. The exciting news is we’re going to be able to show you some pretty awesome photos and videos of the build out process from here on out.

There’s a long list of things in need of completion before we brew our first batch of beer, but the plumbing approval means we can get going full steam on all that work.

The brewery floor won’t look like this much longer. Those tanks should be upright very shortly.

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