Blue Stallion Dunkel Finds New Taps This Week

  • Dunkel Begins Distribution

We’re excited to announce the next step of project distribution. Starting this week, you’ll be able to find Blue Stallion Dunkel on tap in several bars and restaurants around Lexington.

Here’s a list of establishments that will be putting Dunkel on tap sometime this week (starting Feb 4th):

  • Apollo Pizza & Beer Emporium
  • Arcadium
  • Blue Heron Steakhouse
  • The Grey Goose
  • Old Chicago
  • The Pub
  • Shorty’s Urban Market & Taproom
  • Willie’s Locally Known

You’ll need to check in with these bars and restaurants to find out what day they plan to put on Blue Stallion.

We’ll keep a running list  of places serving our beer on the Where to Buy page. Check back often!


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