January 2014 Local Artist of the Month

  • Stephen Wiggins

Blue Stallion Brewing is proud to feature Stephen Wiggins as our Local Artist of the Month for January 2014. Stephen grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and went to Lafayette High school where he graduated in 1999. He then attended College at Berea in Berea, Kentucky before transferring to the University of Kentucky in the Fall of 2002 and finishing his BA in Studio Art in 2005.

Stephen’s concentration of art mainly falls in the painting, printmaking and drawing realm. Below is his artist statement:

In my work I focus strongly on the abstract interpretation of thoughts and feelings, but not so much in a way that alienates the audience, but invites them in and allows them to ask questions. A dialogue is created so that the people that view the work can understand more about me, the artist and how art can be used to process pain. My pieces always leave me very vulnerable as I leave everyone on the canvas, paper or whatever medium is presented. The colors I choose are bright, vivid, and lifelike. These color choices invite people in and create a dialogue between the artist and the audience. The bright color choices also represent the transformation of a negative experience into a positive one. The marks I choose to make reflect an therapeutic, meditative and soothing focus that helps to calm my mind.

My concentration lies mainly in acrylic and oil paintings, silkscreen, lino-cut, monotype and stone lithography prints. I have also been able to expand into the mixed media concentration with staple drawings. My work over the years shows growth and the main purpose behind that is to inspire my audience and to let them know that you are created to create and that in that process we can have a dialogue that invites and not isolates.

You can find out more about Stephen on his website or contact him via email.

Individual Pieces:

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