Blue Stallion is Expanding & Distributing Beer!

Tired of us running out of your favorite Blue Stallion beer? Ready to order a Blue Stallion pint from your preferred craft beer spots in the Lexington area? Then you’ll be excited about this announcement! We’re working on something big in the brewery to solve those two problems.

We’re in the middle of installing a 367 sq. ft. cooler in the brewery portion of the building. Currently, the only cooler servicing the brewery is the one behind the bar and at only 190 sq. ft. it’s barely large enough to handle the demand for kegs in the taproom.

Right now the size of our current cooler is the biggest production bottleneck we have. Several times we’ve run into the problem of having beer ready and then having to wait a few weeks because we don’t have the room to store more kegs. That won’t be an issue any longer. The new cooler will triple our current cold room capacity.

Completion of the new cooler is planned for the end of January, which will allow us to begin distributing beer to local restaurants and bars in early February.

We plan to begin distribution with four of the brewery’s most popular beer styles: Hefeweizen, German Pilsner, Helles and Munich Dunkel. Distribution will start with roughly 7 barrels of beer (14 kegs) per week and grow from there. Seasonal and limited release beers, like Blue Stallion’s Smoked Lager, will also see distribution.

Once distribution begins, we’ll publish a list of establishments serving Blue Stallion beer on the Where to Buy page.

Help Us Spread the Word

If there’s an establishment where you’d like to see Blue Stallion beer on tap, you can help us out. Next time you’re in said establishment ask if they serve Blue Stallion and let them know you’d like to see it on tap. We really appreciate the support!

Cooler Construction Photos

Download: Press Release

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