Maibock on Tap for the First Time

A lot of you asked when we’d have it. Well, the wait is over. Join us this Friday, August 2, 2013, as we put our Maibock on tap for the first time! Not familiar with the Maibock style? Check out our beer styles page for specifics.

That’s not the only new beer we’re putting on tap soon. Next Monday (8/5/13), we’ll tap the first kegs of our Schwartzbier. A better description of that beer style will come later.

Local Guest Beer

We’ll be tapping our first beer from a local brewery on Saturday with Country Boy Brewing’s Cliff Jumper IPA. Zac, your friendly Country Boy bartender, will be on hand to pour beers for the occasion.

Grand Opening

In case you missed it, there’s a pretty good run down of the Grand Opening festivities on our website. Good times.

Live Tap List

You can now access our live tap list from our Facebook page! It’s updated in real time with the electronic list at the brewery. Find out exactly what beers we have on tap before heading to the taproom.

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