What an Opening Week!

Our first official week in business has come to a close. And what a week it was! We started off with our grand opening on Wednesday, July 17th. We thought we might have a pretty busy night, but we didn’t think it would get as crowded as it did (see proof).

We want to thank everyone who came out to the grand opening and this past week. You all made our first week in business a huge success! The support we receive from the community, including all the other breweries, is amazing. Lexington is a great place to be.

Media Coverage

In case you missed it, we were fortunate enough to have a lot of media coverage the past couple weeks. Here’s a rundown of all the articles and photos:

What’s Next?

First and foremost, we addressed a number of small kinks that were exposed this past week. We still have a few more to iron out, but we are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s experience in the taproom is as excellent as it can be. The staff and owners were extremely impressed with the amount of patience customers granted us when we’d experience the occasional hiccup, especially those first couple days. Thank you, is all we can say.

Next, a couple more beer styles are almost ready to go on tap. We’re excited to announce these in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

We’re lining up food trucks for a more regular schedule during the week. Currently, we’ll be posting a weekly taproom schedule to social media accounts so you can easily find out what special events are going on, what food trucks will be here on what days and what our operating hours are for the week. Eventually we’ll have an electronic calendar on the website that you’ll be able to check at any time.

If you’ve been in the taproom, you’ve probably seen the digital beer menu above the bar (Yes, we’ve increased the font size significantly). It connects with several social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Untappd, and FourSquare), so you can interact with it in real time. We’re also working on displaying the live feed of our tap list on the website. When we get that working, you’ll be able to see exactly what beers we have on tap at any time. Once complete, it will work on any mobile or desktop browser.

Finally, we’re working hard this week back in the brewery. It’s obvious what beer styles you want more of, and we’re brewing new batches as quickly as we can to keep them on tap.

Our Grand Opening on Twitter:

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