Blue Stallion Oktoberfest 2019

BSB Sein Beers

It’s our favorite time of year for the Blue Stallion Crew. Celebrate Oktoberfest with Lexington’s only German-style brewery! This year’s Oktoberfest celebration goes from September 27th to October 6th. Bring your lederhosen and dirndl, we will!

Full Facebook Event

Here’s a full schedule of events for the 2019 lineup:

Friday, September 27th – Release of our Oktoberfest lager and limited-edition ceramic steins ($20 each)! Bring yours back for $4 refills all Oktoberfest long! Hang out with us and Dad’s Favorites Deli during their cookout, and find Nappy Roots here for a tour with Lexington on Tap Tours at 9:15! [FB Event]

Saturday, September 28th -True Crime: Serial Killers Zwei (II) at 7:00 plus $8 liters of select Blue Stallion beers all day! [FB Event]

Sunday, September 29th – Wake and Bake Food Truck’s making burgers during Bob’s Burgers Trivia at 6:00! Stick around to watch the season premier with us on the big screens! [FB Event]

Monday, September 30th – We’re hosting March Madness Marching Band as this week’s Mission Monday! Come listen to their awesome music on the patio with us! [FB Event]

Tuesday, October 1st – Pair Forage Food Truck wings with Peril hot sauce! We’ll have spicy beers on tap for Test Batch Tuesday! [FB Event]

Wednesday, October 2nd – Infusion night! We’ll be running a favorite Blue Stallion beer through our randall to create an entirely new experience!

Thursday, October 3rd – It’s October 3rd and Mean Girls Trivia starts at 7:00! [FB Event]

Friday, October 4th – We’re releasing our Purple Patchwork Sour Lager with Blackberries in support of the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning’s The Color Purple fundraising event! Plus, Liter Nacht continues for the weekend, and Dad’s Favorites Deli will be firing up the grill! [FB Event]

Saturday, October 5th – How many liters of Oktoberfest is too many liters of Oktoberfest? (Okay, please do not attempt to answer this question.) Be responsible with your $8 fills!

Sunday, October 6th – Sunday Slow Down with Wake and Bake Food Truck

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