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Are you itching to know when our grand opening date will be? Jonesin’ for our initial tap list? Can’t stand the fact we haven’t published any pictures of the build out progress in the lounge area?

Fret no more. Simply subscribe to our email newsletter and you’ll be the first to know everything! Plus subscribers will immediately get to view photos of the lounge build out. It’s a very dynamic space in the tap room and we’re excited to show it off when we open.

In addition to being first to hear our grand opening date and what beers will be featured on our initial tap list, subscribers will also get invitations to special events and member-only deals.

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  1. Chris Abney Reply
    I'm so excited to hear more from you guys!
  2. Xavier Reply
    @Chris Abney - Thanks! We're glad everyone isn't tired of our messy construction photos.
  3. Junnadel Reply
    I can't wait to come check you guys out in person love seeing all the progress in pictures!
  4. Xavier Reply
    @Junnadel - We look forward to seeing you in the tap room!

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